Waxed Canvas Tool Bag Care and Maintenance

Posted on September 16 2020

Electricians, plumbers, fire safety professionals, and on-site construction workers love our zipper bags because they can store their tools conveniently and keep them safe from water splashes and rust. These can easily fit in screws, nails, staples, and repairing equipment, meaning that their storage woes are now sorted! 

Your premium waxed canvas zipper tool bag keeps all your tools of the trade safe and in good condition. But every once in a while, it needs some TLC too. Caring and cleaning your tool bags regularly will ensure that they remain in pristine form and in great shape for years to come. And you do not need to spend more than 30 minutes on it.

Many people commit the mistake of tossing their zipper tool bags in the washer. Even though waxed canvas is more resilient than other materials, this washing process can accelerate wear and tear on such bags and damage the zippers. To extend its lifespan and to maintain its timeless look, we share some care and maintenance tips: 

Cleaning Your Zipper Tool Bag 

Use the bag regularly and want to give it a quick clean after you return from work? Empty the contents of the bag and shake it upside down to remove dirt. After this, get a damp rag and use that to gently rub off clinging dust. If there are stains, then scrub the area with the dry rag and let the bag dry naturally. Doing this regularly will keep unpleasant smell at bay.

Your zipper tool bag might be prone to oil stains and spots if it accompanies you to busy sites on a daily basis. However, there is a solution. To eliminate stains, get cold water, a scrub brush, and Castile soap. Make a soapy solution. Then, dip the brush in the soapy water and scrub the affected region. Do it gently. After this, don’t wring the bag too hard. Let it air dry. Be wary of using harsh detergents and other heavy-duty cleaners as these might cause the color to fade faster. 

In addition to this, rewaxing your waxed canvas bag will ensure that it retains its color and stays water-proof. We recommend waxing it at least once a year to reinforce the fabric. To rewax the canvas, you will need high-quality fabric wax supplies such as Otter Wax or Martexin Wax, a cloth, a heat gun, or a blow dryer with adjustable heat setting.

Begin by clearing the contents of your bag and use a lint brush to de-lint it thoroughly. Then, you can consider washing the bag using the above-mentioned steps. Don’t turn to your blowdryer to dry a dripping canvas bag as this might cause the fibers to contract. 

The next day, heat the canvas wax and apply it evenly on the bag with the cloth. Make sure that you cover the seams and the corners. What you want is a consistent coat, so don’t hurry through the process. Take your time. You may have to heat the wax again if the tin gets cold too soon. After you are done, use a heat gun or a blow dryer to let the fabric soak in the wax. Let it sit overnight. It will be ready for use the next day! 

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