Keeping Your Tools Organized With Bucket Bags

Posted on May 17 2020

Whether you love DIY projects, nurture a green thumb, or work on-site often with a lot of tools, a waxed canvas bucket bag is what you need to make your life easier. Keeping tools organized whilst having them close by is an issue that every hands-on person grapples with on a daily basis. But with a tool bucket organizer, not only will you always have your tools within reach, but you will also be able to extend their longevity by keeping them well-organized and safe. 

But why get a tool bucket bag when you have a sturdy toolkit already? There are many reasons that make a bucket bag the go-to choice for professionals. In this blog, we will list out why you need to ditch conventional tool storage options and opt for high-quality tool bucket bags instead: 


If you think that your rugged toolkit is the OG, then you will definitely change your mind after using a tool bucket organizer for a day. These have extremely wide pockets that can be used to store tools and devices of different shapes and sizes. Need to tuck in your drill while working on the roof? The tool bucket organizer has your back. Want to ensure that the bolts and the nuts don’t go missing when it is plumbing maintenance day? Again, the tool bucket organizer will come to your rescue! 


Unlike other bulky storage bags, these caddies fit a 5-gallon bucket that can be carried around easily. You don’t have to run back to your toolshed repeatedly because you will have all your tools near you. Want to store it when it’s not in use? Not a problem as you can just lift it off the bucket, fold it, and tuck it away. 


Readywares’ tool bucket organizers are made of high quality 20oz waxed canvas. This means that they will last you for years and not tear apart when you need them the most. As heavyweight tools can be stored easily inside the pockets, many handymen, plumbers, electricians, and carpenters use these organizers while they are on the job. 


One of the interesting features of our range of waxed canvas bucket bags is that they have 60 bigger and deeper (interior and exterior) pockets to store tools of a wide variety. Toolkits will have compartments restricted to certain tools, but when you have a tool bucket organizer, you get to decide what goes in and where. 

Moreover, the bucket too can also be used to store a host of things. For instance, while weeding your garden you can use the bucket to collect the weeds instead of wasting more time to get everything in a pile. A win-win situation! 

Looking for high-quality tool bags that last long and look good? Then our tool bucket organizer s what you need! 

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